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Bio Filtration - Unit Schematic

Diagram showing the design of individual bio filtration units

Bio Filters - installation

Largest installation to date with 26 units near Troyes

Biofors Olegem

Bio filter on animal waste treatment plant supplying green electricity

Green Energy

Biological filtration system controlling odour at a green energy plant

Bio Filtration - water cleaning

Supplied to a division of Suez and operated by Veolia near Paris

Filtration System

Outlet for excess water from wood mulch which is used to reduce odours

Filter Sourcing offer a vast range of biofiltration products and related services. You can see some examples of the work we've undertaken in the images above. Our expert staff and cherry-picked supply chains enable us to supply bespoke and 'off-the-shelf' solutions. Through extensive in-house knowledge, experience and links to the leading global bio filter companies, we can provide high quality products and services at very competitive prices; all tailored to suit individual customer and project requirements in the filtration market. We also offer a robust and responsive after sales service, meaning we can offer our customers assured ongoing solutions to a wide range of bio filter problems.