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Biological Odour Control System


The principal used for this design of bio filter is for air to be extracted from an enclosed area by means of a radial or axial exhaust fan and fed directly into the central perforated stainless steel stack inside the biofilter. The air then leaves the biofilter radially through the biomass, this biomass is situated between the central stack and the GRP body of the biofilter where clean air leaves the filter through 30mm diameter holes over the entire surface of the GRP body. For use in biogas operations, water treatment plants and manufacturing processes where odour is a problem for employees as well as local residents, also suitable for battery farms, pig stables and cattle sheds. The process removes noxious smells causes by organic gases coming from food & waste treatment. Other smells can be partly masked through the bacterial activity in the biomass.


  • Vertical filter in which small water particles practice adhesion on the volatile molecules in the ventilation air or gas
  • An initial site and air quality/pollution survey carried out to measure the polluted air in order to define the correct filter type and size
  • Monitoring service available to check air quality emitted from the filter when in operation
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee on the stability of the filter
  • Uses wood mulch as a biomass
  • Guarantees to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S), mercaptans (RSH), ammonia (NH3), aldehydes and VOC's
  • Efficient construction, requires less floor space than most other types of unit
  • Easy to maintain, also easy to empty and fill
  • minimal running cost, wood mulch filler product lasts up to 5 years


  • Stainless steel inner chamber with GRP body
  • Size determined by volume of air to be cleaned
  • Electronic humidity verification by means of a valve circuit
  • De-odorises and purifies ventilation air up to 70%