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Supplying replacement filter cage venturis to suit most filter unit design in spun mild steel or aluminium, we can provide venturis for small replacement orders or by working with partners can service and supply the largest of applications. By forming close working relationships with our customers we understand their filtration issues and problems and can assist in making improvements where possible.


  • Main role of the venturi is induced secondary flow
  • Promotes a more efficient cleaning of the filter bags
  • Including a venturi can increase the intensity and effectiveness of pulse blowing
  • Can save energy due to potential reduced consumption of compressed air
  • Reliable service and quality


  • Cast aluminium venturi available for specific filter designs
  • Steel venturis can be spun from various metals and gauges to specific or bespoke design
  • Steel venturis can be coated
  • O rings and venturi rings available including felt, neoprene and silicone rubber