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Filter Leakage Testing


As part of the consultancy service we can organise leakage tests on your filter system to identify problem areas inside the filter unit where dust is passing through the filter bag area to the clean side of the filter. This process involves adding fluorescent powder to the inlet side of the filter, the powder passes through any leak areas and can be identified from the clean side of the cell plate. Leaks can be caused by badly fitted bags, holes in the cell plate, poor cell plate seals or holes in the filter bags. Leaks are difficult to locate and can be time consuming, let us do the work for you. By forming close working relationships with our customers we understand their filtration issues and problems and can assist in making improvements where possible.

Note: this process is for nuisance dust only and is not suitable for filters collecting a product or food applications.


  • Quickly identifies most leaks from dirty to clean side
  • Cost effective compared to manually checking all the filter bags in the unit.
  • Leakage test can be carried out at any time as long as the fan is running.
  • Identifies individual badly fitted bags or bags with holes
  • Supply contracts can be part of planned maintenance to suit annual requirements
  • Could save time and costs associated with replacing all bags
  • We can carry out the test for you or supply only of the powder
  • Written report after each test


  • Fluorescent fine powder, UV lamp can identify the smallest leak
  • Fitting service available for all filter bags and spares
  • Advice on any solutions for problems that are identified
  • No order too small or too large
  • Independent advice from experienced staff