The Specialist Supplier of filtration products and services.

Filter Cartridges


Supplying filter cartridges and air filters to suit a wide range of applications, we can provide products for the smallest one off system as well as working with partners to service and supply larger applications. By forming close working relationships with our customers we understand their filtration issues and problems and can assist in making improvements where possible.


  • Materials to suit individual applications, including spun bonded polyester and anti static
  • Treatments to materials to suit most applications, including PTFE coated or membrane
  • Filter cartridges to suit standard filter design or bespoke applications
  • Available in cylindrical or conical design
  • Various fixing systems to suit OEM designs
  • Panel type elements to suit DCE Unicell system
  • Panel type elements to suit the rigid DCE Sintamatic type unit
  • Pleated elements available to retrofit existing filters, to increase air to cloth ratio or filter capacity


  • To suit individual applications on cartridge filters such as Airmaster, WAM, DISA, Dustcheck, Mahle and Farr Tenkay units, in fact to suit most filter designs.
  • Sizes to suit individual filters
  • Many available with short lead time
  • Elements to suit DCE Sintamatic filter units in standard, anti static and PTFE coated sintered composite
  • Bespoke filter cartridges sourced from several key suppliers